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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q : Where can we buy Red Clay aromatherapy lamps?
    A : The good news is that our lamp collections are not just limited to Sunday markets and bazaars. Many stores are also already carrying our products. You may find the store nearest you through the list we provided on “Shop with Us.”
    Q : How safe is a Red Clay lamp?
    A : Our lamps are the safest to use. They are made from organic materials, mainly red clay that naturally abounds in Putsan village in Tiwi, Albay and hand-crafted by our seasoned potters. Since they are made of terracotta, they don't burn and crack from excessive heat. We have two kinds of lamps: the traditional candle burner and the electric oil burner.
    Q : What is the difference between a Red Clay traditional candle burner and an electric oil burner?
    A : A traditional candle burner is one that uses a tealight or a candle as source of heat while an electric oil burner relies on electricity to produce the needed heat to diffuse the scent of essential oil into the air.
    Q : Can I use Red Clay traditional candle burners indoors?
    A : Our traditional candle burner can be used anywhere, as long as it's away from flammable materials. Never leave a candle burner unattended overnight! But it is best used outdoors, either in the garden, the porch or the lanai.
    Q : Can I use electric oil burners outdoors?
    A : Our electric oil burners are best used indoors. It can also be used outdoors BUT make sure that they are not exposed to moisture, water or rain that may damage its electrical parts. If you prefer aromatherapy overnight indoors, our electric oil burners are highly recommended. They can be used for extended periods of time even in air-conditioned rooms without having to worry about the build-up of smoke and soot usually produced by burning candles.
    Q : What kind of bulb can I use for the electric oil burners?
    A : Because All In Red Clay Factory recognizes its role to contribute in efforts to conserve our natural resources and preserve the environment, we advise our clients to use energy-efficient bulbs (10 to 25 watts) such as compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs if our item is going to be used only as a lamp. But incandescent bulbs should be used for aromatherapy purposes as it will be the source of heat to burn the oil.
    Q : How can I avoid a Red Clay burner from damaging surfaces, especially tabletops and floorboards?
    A : A burner can get so hot it may damage or discolor surfaces. Place a heat-proof plate or a riser—which we sell separately—underneath the burner before lighting it up to ensure the surface is protected. Burners are also best placed on a stable heat-resistant surface like ceramic tile.
    Q : How much essential oil should I use to enjoy the full benefits of aromatherapy with a Red Clay lamp?
    A : Four to seven drops of your favorite essential oil mixed in warm water will do the trick. But you may adjust the amount of oil based on the size of the room your burner is placed. Remember, the bigger the room, the more essential oil is needed to be diffused into the air.
    Q : Do you sell the dish individually?
    A : Yes. We sell them at P150 to P200 a piece.
    Q : How long can i use the electric oil burner?
    A : It can be used for about 8 to 10 hours.
    Q : Can I use the electric or candle oil burner without the essential oil?
    A : Yes. Our aromatherapy burners can also serve as lamps or candle holders. Our products, which are naturally made from red clay, don't crack or burn when there is excessive heat unlike other electric oil burners that use breakable hot plates.
    Q : Can I use wax melts instead of oil to my aromatherapy electric oil burner?
    A : Yes, but only for burners using a 25-watt bulb.
    Q : Can I switch to another essential oil any time?
    A : Yes. Just wash the dish with soap and water to remove stains from previous oil used before pouring into the dish a new one of your choice.