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Soy Candle B1T1
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Katol sa Palayok100% Soy Candles Aroma Oil Burner & Essential OilAroma Humidifier

Natural. Traditional. Smart.
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    How to use

    Katol sa Palayok

    Enjoy the full benefits of All in Red Clay Factory lamps and burners by following these simple steps:

    1. Fill the top-most dist with tap water.
    2. Add four to seven drops of your desired essential oil. Note that the amount of oil depends on the size of the room the burner will be placed. The bigger the space, the more oil will be required to enjoy the full effects of aromatherapy.
    3. For electric burners, switch on the lamp. For candle burners, light a tealight candle with a match or a lighter then carefully place on the designated hole.
    4. Place the heat-proof plate underneath the burner to avoid damaging tabletops or floorboards. The lamp can get too hot when used over an extended period of time.

    For candle burners, it is advisable not to leave them overnight.

    While our lamps and burners are sturdy and reliable, it also needs a little bit of your care and attention. Unlike other aromatherapy devices that require complicated and expensive upkeep, we have made it stress-free and easy on the pocket for you.

    1. To remove oil stains, simply wash the dish with soap and water. Let the dish cool down first before washing to avoid breaking.
    2. For electric burners, replace a busted light bulb with a 25-watt bulb from your local hardware store.