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    Our Story

    Katol sa Palayok

    It all started with a quest to find novelty items showcasing the unique craftsmanship of Filipinos to market in weekend and Christmas bazaars.

    In 2006, our little-known company merely catered to women's fashion, selling accessories and ready-to-wear apparel along with unique locally-made items we could find in various bazaars held in clubhouses, subdivisions and churches in Metro Manila.

    From a merely simplistic enterprise, the company began to take serious form a year later when , owners of All In Red Clay Factory, stumbled upon lamps molded from red clay that naturally abounds in a small village in  Albay, touted as the Philippines' cradle of pottery.

    We learned that potters from Albay  make the lamps and they sell it in the town market to earn their keep.

    In 2007, we included the red clay lamps to our merchandise. A year later, we decided to market exclusively the red clay lamps after the collection churned out more revenue for the company following the series of bazaars we joined during the holidays.

    Finally, in 2009, in close coordination with our potters in Albay, we launched our very first aroma electric oil burner, a product widely and easily accepted by the market for its affordability and its eco-friendly, decorative and safe nature.

    Combined with our fresh ideas and the seasoned hands of our potters, we continue to add innovative and cutting-edge products to our growing collection of candle and electric aromatherapy burners that suit your style and health needs.

    While we strive to give you the highest quality of natural aromatherapy burners, we have also taken up the mission to build a strong community of potters and keep the age-old tradition of pottery alive.

    How it's done
    Pottery-making is fun alright, but we take our job seriously too. We make sure that every piece of our aromatherapy lamp in your home is natural—as in sourced out from high quality indigenous raw materials, reliable and safe.

    Learn more about the process of making All In Red Clay Factoray aromatherapy lamps and burners here:

    It all begins in the quiet little town in Albay. From here is where our community of potters draw our main ingredient, red clay, a natural product of Mother Nature.
    Heaps of red clay are dug out from this wellspring before they undergo a long, meticulous process to make them fine and ready for shaping.

    Then, the concoction proceeds. To become the sturdy and high-quality lamps that we want them to be, these chunks of red clay are ground, milled, sifted and pressed into finer lumps with a bit of water and white clay blended in the mixture.

    This part of the entire process takes a lot of perseverance and skill to get the job done. We hold our breath. A pair of steady and trained hands works on the potter's wheel, molding clay into lamps of the exact same shape and size; no more, no less. Lamps with just a tiny variation doesn't make the cut.

    This is where creativity kicks in. Various patterns such as butterflies, flowers, the moon and the stars are etched onto the molded lamps. But with creativity comes caution as we see to it that the designs carved out are smoothly and uniformly done.

    At this point, we can now heave a sigh of relief. We place all the molded and carved out lamps into a kiln and wait until they are baked. But we still keep a tight watch over the oven as too much heat can also break the lamps.

    Finally, the best part. Pick the essential oil the suits your mood and relax to the warm scent and the soothing light our aromatherapy lamps provide. All In Red Clay lamps and burners are always best enjoyed in your comfort zones: it can be in your living room, your bedroom, bathroom, your garden or work area.